About Us

We teach life skills through the dance steps!

We realize that most people want to take lessons, so they can enjoy dancing with a special someone, or meet others when going out dancing. Because of this, our lessons emphasize the social skills that are inherently part of this wonderful activity.

Who is Lamar Lockett

Lamar began his career in dance as a hip-hop dancer. He’s attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he studied modern and jazz dance. Meanwhile, he was introduced to swing dance and this is when his love for partner dancing began.

Certified from Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire international dance studios, he taught over 5,000 hours of group and private lessons.


Dance teacher for Having a Ball Chicago Public School competition. Semi-finalist of ESPN Salsa Competition and proud holder of 1st Place Jazziest Jitterbug dance competition at WDCB 2010 Gala.Choreographer for BLAST, Northwestern University Ballroom Latin and Swing Team in seasons 209-2012.

Our Approach

All dances have lot in common in terms of patterns and choreography. What really matters is rhythm and we will teach you how to find it, how to develop your own style and confidence in dancing.


Quick Quick Slow dance school provides door-to-door dance experience services in all ballroom and Latin dances, from waltz to foxtrot from tango to rumba from salsa to bachata and swing.

You will learn how to dance to the ballroom classics and to the popular club music.

BYOM – bring your own music and learn how to dance to the songs you enjoy listening to. Since one song can be usually danced with different styles, you will quickly build your portfolio of moves and patterns.

You don’t need a partner to start dancing. Children, teens, adults can learn how to lead and follow. As easy as quick-quick-slow.

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