What they say about us?

My wife and I started dance lessons at QQS when our daughter set a wedding date. We needed to dance at the wedding, and knew nothing about dancing. Lamar was instrumental at getting us ready for the big day. It was great to see our children’s jaws hit the floor as they saw us dance.  The Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances were special events I will always remember. We have enjoyed dance so much that we have stayed on and are now in our second year. We really enjoy the friendships we have made, and have experienced a wonderfully satisfying increase in our social confidence. I find dance incredibly fulfilling. It something I thought I could never do. It is profoundly mentally stimulating and physically challenging.

Adam M.

65, Pediatrist, Hyde Park

The best part about Quick Quick Slow “system” is a very organized, step-by-step process for helping you become a good dancer rapidly, using what you learn in one dance to become proficient quickly in several other dances. After just a few lessons, you will be among the better dancers anywhere you go!

Laura Kujot, 28

My husband, the not-so-proud owner of two left feet, and I (while not particularly lithe myself, I do speak some rumba, foxtrot and swing) took private ballroom dancing lessons here in preparation for our wedding. The prices were completely reasonable, and we both thought our instructor Lamar was just excellent. He was incredibly patient and nonjudgmental of our (that is, my husband’s lack of coordination. I still lead when we dance, but he at least knows what a box step is. Kind of.

Helen K.

My husband & I took ballroom dance lessons over a year ago and have been extremely pleased with our experience. Our teacher, Lamar is very knowledgeable and personable. His teaching style is quite pleasant and he is skilled in finding out the best way to teach his students based on their individual personalities. We would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to learn ballroom dance.


44, Faculty at NW University

Dear Lamar

I would like to thank  you for making such a huge impact on my life with your salsa dancing and lessons. There are times that I am so exhausted by the end of the week, but come time for salsa – I pull out all my reserve energy and I fell like a million bucks after one of your lessons.  I look forward to going from a beginner to an intermediate salsa dancer. Thank you so much for always being so nice and friendly.

Elizabeth Marie

31, West Loop

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